Las Vegas Paris flight

Are you planning a trip from Las Vegas to Paris? Whether it is for pleasure or business, French bee has made it a priority to make flights affordable and easier. Keep reading to learn more about French bee flights to Paris and what the City of Lights has to offer.

Flights from Las Vegas to Paris

Today, French bee flights from Las Vegas to Paris are to be proposed. The carrier will offer affordable flights numerous times a week aboard our fleet of The Airbus A350-1000 and Airbus A350 XWB aircraft. French bee provides an excellent service designed to meet your needs and give you the best travel experience. Remember there are seven airports in Paris, which is important to keep in mind when organising airport transfers and accommodation.

Las Vegas Paris flight

Las Vegas to Paris, the French bee Way

When you book your Las Vegas to Paris flight with French bee, you can choose between three fare options, such as basic, smart, and premium. Basic and smart fares come with many different extras to purchase, such as additional baggage, a travel kit, extra check-in luggage, or even more legroom. Alternatively, the Serenity Pack for your flight from Las Vegas to Paris allows you to jump the line with priority boarding. With the Serenity Pack, you also get to enjoy the airport lounge for the ultimate relaxing travel experience. You can also buy a premium ticket for the private cabin with 35 extra wide and comfortable seats.

Plan You Dream Paris Trip

Like any trip, a little advanced planning is essential. First, plan a budget by deciding what season to visit and what are your top things to see and do. Being a little spontaneous and not planning down to the last detail is good, but when it comes to booking flight tickets and tickets for shows and museums, it’s better to plan things out, so that you avoid endless queues and high prices. Paris is a massive city, covering 20 arrondissements, or districts. Each arrondissement of Paris has its unique feel and beauty, so a little research to find your perfect spot for your dream vacation in Paris may come in handy. Some of the most popular arrondissements are the Latin Quarter, the Eiffel Tower arrondissement, and Montmartre. If you are passionate about food and want a taste of la haute cuisine, it is safer to book tables in advance, as Parisian restaurants are often full.

An Unforgettable Trip from Las Vegas to Paris

There are many reasons to get excited about hopping on a flight from Las Vegas to Paris. Even if you are a well-travelled visitor, Paris will undoubtedly be an unforgettable trip. There is only one way to start a trip of a lifetime to Paris by seeing one of the world’s most well-known sites, the Eiffel Tower. Book a table at one of the three restaurants located in the Eiffel Tower: the Champagne Bar right at the Top is the cherry on top. Another absolute must-visit when you travel from Las Vegas to Paris is the Louvre Museum. Whether you are an art lover or not, the place is worth a visit, and its sheer size will blow your mind. It would take an entire week to look at every piece of art in the Louvre for 30 seconds, so select a few pieces you really want to see and head straight for those. Whether that is Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa or the massively impressive Lamassu sculptures, and you can’t miss the giant glass Pyramid.

Frequently Asked Questions

✈ What's the price for a flight to Paris ?

French bee offers extremely advantageous fares, with the aim of making distant destinations more accessible. Keep total control of your budget without compromising on comfort... That’s the French bee way! ? Find out more

✈ What type of airplane aircraft does French bee fly ?

French bee operates an all A350 fleet. Designed especially for long-haul flights, French bee’s A350 is full of new technologies that are designed to ensure passenger comfort. ? Welcome aboard of the first French low-cost & long-haul airline !

✈ What are our different types of fares ?

The custom-made French bee is 3 fares to choose from: BASIC, SMART or PREMIUM. Our travellers can fully customize their trip according to their desires and budget, by selecting options from a wide range of services and products. ? Make your choice !

✈ What are the payment methods on ?

100% secure online payment, group payment, multi-card payment, time to think etc., we offer several payment options adapted to your needs and arrangements. ? Find out more !