Orly South becomes Orly 4

From March 19th, 2019, Paris-Orly airport changes to become a one-roof terminal thanks to a new connecting building between the South and West terminals.

    orly change

    Say goodbye to Orly South!

    We are also quite nostalgic but we will have to get used to it. Out for Orly South and Orly West, both terminals merge to become a single passenger terminal named Orly 1-2-3-4:

    • Orly South becomes Orly 4
    • Orly West becomes Orly 1, Orly 2 and Orly 3

    Only the name of the terminal changes. On your French bee boarding pass, Orly 4 will replace Orly South for all flights from March 19th.


    Discover the new Paris-Orly airport with the before/after map below:

    orly avant 19 mars

    orly après 19 mars

    Find more plans and information about the Orly airport transformation on the Paris Airport website.

    How to reach Orly 4

    By car:
    When approaching the airport, highway signs will indicate Orly 4 clearly.
    If you want to access the drop-off area, follow the sign  "Dépose minute 4"
    If you want to access car parks, follow the signs P4a, P4b ou P4c.

    By public transport:
    If you come from Anthony, Orlyval stations will match with the new names of the check-in areas at the airport : Orly 1-2-3 (stop 1) and Orly 4 (stop 2)
    The names of buses and shuttles stops at Paris-Orly will also change accordingly.


    How to reach Orly 4

    Check-in at Orly 4

    Once you reach the departure 4 area, just follow the signs to find your check-in area.

    As before, you will be able to identify your check-in area using the Flight Departures screens:

    • Check-in areas 40 to 48 are located in the Departure 4 area.
    • Check-in area 49 is located at the ARCHE, find out more about the check-in at the arche on this page.
    Vue extérieur Orly 4

    Boarding at Orly 4

    The “Hall” and “Lounge” denominations disappear, they will be named "Gates". At Orly 4, doors F and E replace Hall A and B of Orly South.

    Boarding for all French bee flights always take place at gate F (Hall A before). Signs will show you the direction to reach this gate.

    Bee on time

    Help us leave on time! To help ensure that your flight can take off on time, the check-in ends 1 hour 30 min before the departure time of your flight.

    For a smooth trip, just keep in mind the following deadlines:


    Tips: enjoy a range of services online and at the airport if you want to save time and stress!

    • Thanks to the online check-in -starting from 48h before your flight's departure- avoid queues and head straight to the boarding gate if you only carry a cabin baggage.
    • With the line-jump (only from Orly airport), avoid the line up for police, security and customs checks.

    check in onlinejump the line