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Help us leave on time!

There’s no point in running : you have to leave on time. Follow all these French bee tips to board your flight stress-free.

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Let French bee be your helpful companion from start to finish as you navigate your way to the airport, ensuring your trip is stress-free and filled with peace of mind



3 deadlines to keep in mind

bee on time

  • Check-in opens 4 hours before departure.
  • Check-in closes 1h30 before departure.
  • Boarding closes 30 minutes before departure.

Call time: what is it ?

Your call time is the time you can start to check your luggage at our counters. Any sooner and it’s too early to do it. So it’s the time when you can arrive at the airport. At Paris Orly, you can arrive 3 and 4 hours before your departure in case of a busy airport, like holidays For security purposes, it is required that you be present to check your luggage. So are you ready to leave ?

Don’t miss the check-in deadline (CID)!

The check-in deadline (CID) is the deadline after which your seat on the flight is no longer guaranteed.
If you are not present at least 1 hour 30 min before your departure, your ability to check in and board are no long guaranteed. Your one-way booking will then be automatically canceled and your seat will be offered to passengers on the standby list. So it’s better to get there on time!

We encourage you to check the deadlines on your boarding pass.


from paris orly

Boarding deadline

Boarding ends 30 minutes prior to the aircraft's departure. Passengers arriving after this deadline will not be accepted on board.


Check-in from Paris Orly

From Paris Orly 4, you can check-in directly at the Self-Service Kiosks and use the baggage drop-off.

self service check in and drop off

Good to know

At Paris Orly, terminal 4, a a pre-boarding is carried out by the gateway in order to avoid queues. Priority passengers are accompanied by an agent and passengers in economy class can go directly through automatic gates.

Boarding can be done by bus depending on airport congestion; our planes may park on a more distant runway and the boarding time is thus longer. In this case, it is important to reach to the boarding gate as soon as you can so that we can take you by bus to the plane.



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