A Dubreuil Group company

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A diverse family group

The Dubreuil group is a diversified family group which has just developed 95 years in Vendée. Among the top companies in the west, the Dubreuil Group is heavily invested in areas of distribution, but also in air transport and even hotels.

Its various companies are mainly located on the Atlantic coast, but also in the French west indies and in Guyana - and since few years in Reunion island and even in the Ocean Pacific and Polynesia.

Air travel is our field of expertise

The Group is a recognized actor the area of air transport with more than 40 years experience in the field: it notably created Air Vendée in 1975, which would become the European company Regional Airlines in 1991 before being taken over by the Air France group in 2000. The Dubreuil Group has also been owner of Air Caraïbes for 18 years, a company which has performed quality and consumer testing on a large scale on transatlantic markets with destinations in Antilles, Guiana and in the Greater Caribbean.

The Group’s location

The Headquarters of the Dubreuil Group is in Vendée, in Belleville-sur-Vie, and its different companies are mainly positioned along the Atlantic coastline. But other companies are also positioned more to the West, in the West Indies and Guiana with Air Caraïbes.

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Discover more on the Group and its different companies

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