Discover French bee

French bee is a unique company of its kind : French, low-cost and long-haul. Of course that interests you !

The birth of a company unlike any other

French bee was born from reflection on the evolution of global air travel and the commitment of the Groupe Dubreuil to not leave the field open to competition from abroad in the low-cost long-haul market. Starting from a fresh page, we have brought all the factors to the company’s road map which we believe will forge the company’s success. For that we are broadly inspired by the aspirations of our future customers.

How? By simply asking you! Thanks to your suggestions, we strive every day to create a company you want. At French bee, we allow you to choose the services YOU need at the price that suits YOU!

Our first destination: Punta Cana in 2016. Since the summer of 2017, we have set sail for the Indian Ocean with Reunion Island. Since the spring of 2018, we deployed our wings for San Francisco and Tahiti and in july 2021 we launched our first flights to New York. What's next? As of April 30, 2022, we will expand our presence on the West Coast with the launch of nonstop flights between Paris Orly and Los Angeles.

French bee : A New Way of Flying

The best planes with the best layouts

We have chosen the constructor Airbus to build our fleet. By the end of June, our brand new A330-300, equipped with Wi-Fi, will be delivered to begin service. We have developed the layout of the cabin with no compromise on comfort. We chose the German manufacturer Zim, known for quality in its production, to furnish the seats in Economy and Premium classes. Book a flight and try them out!

Since then, the French bee family has grown: 4 Airbus A350-900 and 1 Airbus A350-1000 have joined the fleet (a 2nd A350-1000 is planned for 2022). Our A330-300 has integrated Air Caraïbes' fleet, sister airline of French bee. Since June 2019, French bee is the first airline to have chosen the Airbus A350 XWB as the only aircraft for its entire fleet.

Our aim is to offer a quality innovative product accessible to all

At French bee what we want is to not only be able to carry our customers at preferential rates but also surprise them with the exceptional level of our in-flight services!
From now on, low-cost has a new meaning: not expensive, but on trend and desirable... A low-cost and actually smart-cost!

Our standards have nothing really standard and we don’t skimp on comfort: leather seats in all classes, with lower back support and vertically and horizontally movable head-rests, extra-wide HD touchscreens with a program of entertainment both free and generous, and don’t forget Wi-Fi as an available options…

Everything of course with tariffs previously unheard of in long-haul travel. Our ambition is to take you further away, more often, and for way less!

An excellent service

At French bee we want to make your journey a moment of serenity. Our staff are recruited for their skills, but above all their desire, shared with us, to offer excellent service and be a listening ear to passengers.
To take great care of you, surprise you with our level of attention, and of course meet your needs: those are our goals! To achieve this, the company had to recruit close to 300 employees over two years, mainly pilots. Join us!

Simple values, but anchored in our DNA

Our values guide our staff every day in carrying out their jobs:

  • Customer care is at the heart of everything: French bee wants nothing but satisfied customers! We are a smiling company which listens and is agile and reacts to the current and future desires of our passengers.
  • Transparency and humility: we wanted to create a company with a human side which is accessible and guided by ethical business principles. With us, there’s never an unpleasant surprise, you always know what your journey will entail and how to make it your own. Team spirit: our team is forged, motivated and made up of employees who are driven by a passion for flight. Our common goal: to take part in this unprecedented enterprise of being the premier low-cost long-haul airline in France.
  • The value of the gender equality index at French Bee for the year 2020 is 93/100.

Now you must surely want to fly with our company!