Our 100% A350 fleet

Airbus A350 XWB

Cutting-Edge Technology.
Modern. Innovative Design. Operational Efficiency.


d'émission de CO2 par siège*


de nuisances sonores*

*compared to the previous generation of aircraft

A new generation
of aircraft

The Airbus A350-1000 is the latest addition to the Airbus A350 XWB
(Extra Wide Body) family, a leader in the large, long-haul aircraft market.
It's an aircraft with impressive technological prowess.


Its wings, directly inspired by nature, allow the Airbus A350 to significantly reduce its fuel consumption.

The A350's wings change shape throughout the flight like those of a bird, and its revolutionary "winglets" (outer wing tips) optimize the aircraft's aerodynamics.

Fello'Fly Project

With a major ambition to reduce its environmental footprint, French bee, in partnership with Airbus, has completed its first low-emission intercontinental Fello'fly flight in November 2021.

The Fello'fly project consists in making aircraft fly long-haul flights in a V formation, like migrating birds. These flights allow the exploitation of the wake phenomenon: planes in the rear take advantage of the wake created by the leading plane to propel themselves using less energy.

Inspired by biomimetics (the design and production of materials, structures and systems inspired by nature), Fello'fly is therefore based on energy recovery to reduce emissions; the following aircraft recovers the energy lost by the leader, reducing its fuel consumption by about 5% per trip.

25% reduction
of CO2 emissions

The Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engines allow for significant fuel savings and a 25% reduction in CO² emissions.

One of the most fuel-efficient aircraft on the market.

Use of advanced materials that are

and more rigid

More than 70% of the A350 XWB is made from advanced materials and brings together titanium, new generation aluminum alloys and (53%) carbon fiber composites, a lighter, stronger and more rigid material.

Thanks to all these innovations, the A350 XWB

significantly reduces
its carbon footprint.

French bee, and its sister company Air Caraïbes, are the first airlines in the world to be Green Pilot® certified for their commitment towards sustainable development.

Green Pilot is a label rewarding CO2 emission reduction programs, evaluating the quality of the green policy implemented in an airline's operations and the commitment of its employees towards this strategy.

Innovative technology and design

Designed specifically for long-haul flights, the Airbus A350 XWB features the latest Airbus innovations for the passengers' comfort :

Improved cabin

air quality

(air is renewed every 3 minutes)


sound insulation

40% less noise reduction vs
previous generation aircraft


100% LED

to allow better rest
and gentle waking

The Airbus A350 Family offers clean air via HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor) filters that remove 99.9% of particles in the air, up to the size of microscopic bacteria or viruses. All cabin air is completely renewed approximately every 2 to 3 minutes.

The A350's cabin altitude is lower thanks to the composite fuselage: 6,000 feet compared to 8,000 feet for an aircraft with an aluminum fuselage, which reduces passenger fatigue after a long-haul flight.

The A350 cabin is the quietest in the wide-body aircraft category and offers passengers and crew the most modern equipments for the most comfortable flying experience.

French bee,

the first airline with a 100%
modern A350 fleet





French bee, the first airline solely-operating A350s, relies on a modern fleet of aircraft that are specifically-designed for long-haul destinations for a superior level of comfort.
French bee currently has four Airbus A350-900 and one Airbus 350-1000.
A second one is planned for 2022.


Discover the Airbus A350-900
as if you were in it


Our Airbus 350-1000

40 seats
Class accessible via Premium fares


Our Airbus 350-900

35 seats
Class accessible via Premium fares


In the cabin, comfort comes first

In Eco or Premium, a new travel experience awaits you.
The XWB (Extra Wide Body) aspect of French bee's A350 ensures comfort for all passengers in both travel classes.
The A350-900's cabin configuration (411 seats) is as follows: 376 seats in economy class and 35 seats in premium class.
The A350-1000 (480 seats) is configured as follows: 440 seats in economy class and 40 seats in premium class.
In both cabins, all seats enjoy an unprecedented ceiling height (the highest on the market) and larger windows to increase the perception of space on board.


The A350's cabin is the quietest on the market with four times less noise compared to previous generation aircraft.
A noticeable difference which, coupled with lighting that adapts to the various phases of flight, ensures a comfortable travel environment for all. No more feeling tired upon arrival!

isn't optional !

You won't believe how quickly
the time will pass.

In-flight entertainment and connectivity
● New generation in-flight entertainment system for all passengers: high definition screens and VOD (video on demand).
● Full connectivity (internet, email, WiFi) for all passengers via their personal devices.
● Wireless connection, broadband connectivity.

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Wi-Fi in the sky with iZiWifi

And to complete the picture, French bee brings you Wi-Fi in the sky with iZiWifi and its 4 packages for all types of use.

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Main characteristics
of the A350

  • Better air quality

    More frequent air exchanges - every three minutes - for better cabin air quality

  • A quieter aircraft

    The A350 cabin is the quietest on the market, with four times less noise compared to previous generation aircraft.

  • Soothing lighting

    Lighting that adapts to the various phases of flight and ensures a comfortable travel environment for all. No more feeling tired upon arrival !

  • A reduced carbon footprint

    25% less than previous generation aircraft (the B777 300ER, for example)