Chicago to Tahiti

If spending a few days in paradise sounds like the ideal vacation, then jump on a flight from Chicago to Tahiti, in the stunning French Polynesian islands. Keep reading this article to learn more about how French bee now offers affordable and convenient trips from Chicago to Tahiti.

Flights from Chicago to Tahiti

French bee is happy to say that from early 2022, you will have the opportunity to fly directly from Chicago to Tahiti. Ticket prices for flights from Chicago to Tahiti are incredibly reasonable and cheaper than other airlines. The carrier offers low-cost fares without compromises on comfort. The A350 aircraft is designed with an extra-wide body and unprecedented ceiling height, ensuring comfort for all travel classes and fares. With our top in-flight entertainment and WIFI, your flight to Tahiti will fly by!


Flight time + de 15h 5min
Flight distance 5,683 miles
Departure airport Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD)
Arrival airport Tahiti Faa'a Airport (PPT)
 Chicago to Tahiti

Fly Chicago to Tahiti with French bee

Why choose French bee for your flight from Chicago to Tahiti? Not only do we offer affordability, but also comfort and convenience, with a choice of three fares, basic, smart, and premium. If you book a premium ticket, you’ll experience extra-wide seats in the private cabin, plenty of room, and faster priority services at the airport. Whatever fare you select, you also can choose between 20 additional services that you can add to your ticket.

The best time to fly to Tahiti

Tahiti is renowned as one of the most beautiful locations in the world, and these paradise-like islands are sure to blow your mind at whatever time you choose to visit. If you are looking to visit at the optimal time, then May to October are the best months for guaranteed sunshine, with less humidity than at other times of the year. Are you looking for an experience of a lifetime while in Tahiti? What could be more exciting than swimming with whales? During the months of August and October, humpbacks choose the shores of Tahiti to give birth to their young, a fantastic opportunity to see these majestic giants up close. If you want to enjoy the tropical oasis at a less busy time, then the winter months, between November and April, are ideal. Although more humid and hotter, there are fewer people and better deals on accommodation and activities.

What to do in Tahiti

One of the most beautiful sights in Tahiti is the famous waterfalls, including Fautaua and Faarumai Waterfalls. Start the trail to the stunning Fautaua Falls from the Papeete tourist office. You will need to pay a few dollars for a permit to gain access, but it is well worth the effort, as this trail has been kept clean and unspoiled. A great way to explore and venture inland is on a four-wheel drive tour, during which you can visit the ancient historical sites, stone temples, and houses that date back to the earliest settlers on the island, stopping off at waterfalls, lakes, and rivers along the way.

The capital, Papeete, is a great way to experience local and authentic Tahitian life. Want to take home some genuine Polynesian art or homewares or jewelry? There are lots of great shops that sell local goods in Papeete as well as some tasty food options. You might not necessarily associate this part of the world with good food, but there is great cuisine to be tried. Of course, the French Polynesian islands have been primarily influenced by French and Chinese food, with local dishes. A great way to sample local dishes is at the street food stalls in Papeete, and be sure to try out the Poisson Cru, the national dish.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the departure and arrival airports for the Chicago Tahiti flight?

Chicago Tahiti flight departs from Chicago International Airport (ORD) and arrives at Tahiti Airport (PPT).

How long is the flight from Chicago to Tahiti?

Sorry, there is no information provided about the duration of the flight from Chicago to Tahiti.

What is the time difference between Chicago and Tahiti?

The time difference between Chicago, Illinois, USA and Tahiti, French Polynesia varies depending on the time of year due to daylight saving time.

When it is standard time in Chicago (Central Standard Time), Tahiti is 4 hours ahead of Chicago. For example, if it is 12:00pm noon in Chicago, it would be 8:00am in Tahiti.

However, when it is daylight saving time in Chicago (Central Daylight Time), Tahiti is 5 hours ahead of Chicago. For example, if it is 12:00pm noon in Chicago, it would be 7:00am in Tahiti.

It's worth noting that Tahiti does not observe daylight saving time, so for part of the year, the time difference between the two places will be consistent.