Flights from Los Angeles to Tahiti

Are you thinking about booking a flight to Tahiti for your next vacation? French bee, a new low-cost airline, now serves Los Angeles and offers flights to French Polynesia. Fly to Tahiti with French bee for an unforgettable getaway on this beautiful island. Read on to learn more about French bee flights from Los Angeles to Tahiti.

Fly French bee from Los Angeles to Tahiti

Tahiti is THE ultimate destination to get away from it all and French bee can fly you there at the best price and with only the services you need. With French bee, you can customize your flight from A to Z first by choosing your fare. French bee has three types of fares: Basic, Smart and Premium. After that, you can choose from a wide selection of extra services. Do you want to check in some sporting equipment? No problem. Would you rather bring a sandwich during your flight rather than have an onboard meal? Then, just don’t choose the onboard meal option when you book your flight. With French bee, you can fly the way you want! Low cost doesn’t mean low quality. For all its destinations, French bee operates a modern and recent A350 fleet.


Flight time 8h 30min
Flight distance 4,108 miles
Departure airport LAX International Airport (LAX)
Arrival airport Tahiti Faa'a Airport (PPT)

Tahiti, the ultimate exotic destination

Flights from Los Angeles to Tahiti land in one of the most naturally beautiful places in the world, boasting lush green rain forests, clear blue lagoons and beautiful mountains rising out of the Pacific Ocean. Located in southwestern South Pacific Ocean, French Polynesia has 118 islands spread out over 2000 km in five groups called "archipelagos":

  • The Austral Islands ;
  • The Gambier Islands ;
  • The Society Islands ;
  • The Marquesas Islands;
  • The Tuamotus Islands.

A tropical climate with plenty of sun all year round, French Polynesia's unique mix of Polynesian and French cultures creates an unforgettable experience on every island. After your flight from Los Angeles to Tahiti, explore Polynesia's authentic charms, spend time in the turquoise sea, and immerse yourself in Tahitian culture: you will surely cherish these memories for a lifetime.

What to do in Tahiti

During your Tahitian vacation after your flight from Los Angeles to Tahiti, lay back, sip on a tropical cocktail, and bask in the sun at your resort of choice. Visiting the islands of Tahiti after a flight from Los Angeles to Tahiti offers some of the best scuba diving, snorkeling and surfing in the world. Aside from outrigger canoeing and bicycling, island tours, horseback riding, boat trips, backpacking, windsurfing, four-wheeling, and jeep safaris, helicopter rides, sailing, diving, spear fishing, jet skiing, tennis, swimming with sharks and rays, exploring museums, ancient maraes (temples), and other cultural experiences are also extremely popular. The enchanting sunsets, strolling on the beach, relaxing on the sand, savoring tantalizing Tahitian cuisine, strolling through fragrant gardens, and meeting the friendly people found throughout Tahiti are some of the highlights of any visit to these islands after a flight from Los Angeles to Tahiti.

Planning your flight from Los Angeles to Tahiti

In French Polynesia, there are two seasons: rainy and dry. The wet season, which runs from November through April, is usually marked by January as the wettest month. The dry season runs from May to October, with August being the driest month. As a result, this is also a busy time for tourists, and you may want to choose this season for your flight from Los Angeles to Tahiti. There are temperatures ranging from 75°F to 86°F and water temperatures between 73°F and 79°F. The Islands of Tahiti offer accommodation that caters to a variety of tastes and budgets, from hotels, resorts, to hospitable guesthouses and private homes.

Frequently Asked Questions

✈ What's the price for a flight to Tahiti ?

French bee offers extremely advantageous fares, with the aim of making distant destinations more accessible. Keep total control of your budget without compromising on comfort... That’s the French bee way! ? Find out more

✈ What type of airplane aircraft does French bee fly ?

French bee operates an all A350 fleet. Designed especially for long-haul flights, French bee’s A350 is full of new technologies that are designed to ensure passenger comfort. ? Welcome aboard of the first French low-cost & long-haul airline !

✈ What are our different types of fares ?

The custom-made French bee is 3 fares to choose from: BASIC, SMART or PREMIUM. Our travellers can fully customize their trip according to their desires and budget, by selecting options from a wide range of services and products. ? Make your choice !

✈ What are the payment methods on ?

100% secure online payment, group payment, multi-card payment, time to think etc., we offer several payment options adapted to your needs and arrangements. ? Find out more !