Flights to Tahiti

Do you want a really exotic destination for your next vacation? Why not book a flight to Tahiti? You can now book a flight to Tahiti with the new low-cost French airline, French bee. Keep reading to learn more about French bee flights and this wonderful destination in the Pacific Ocean.

French bee Flights to Tahiti

French bee offers the best services and fares for flights to Tahiti. French bee offers travelers a new and convenient way to get to Tahiti. If you choose French bee, you can choose from three different fares that are tailored to your needs and budget: Basic, Smart, and Premium. You can also enhance your flight by purchasing additional services such as luggage check-in, extra leg room or choice of seat. It's definitely a long flight to Tahiti, so a modern, safe plane makes all the difference. All French bee's aircraft are modern A350s packed with the latest technologies for your safety and comfort. French bee flights to Tahiti depart from New York, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles and Paris Orly and fares start from $329 to $579 one way depending on the city of departure.

Flights to Tahiti

Destination Tahiti

Tahiti is the largest of the French Polynesian islands, located in the South Pacific. The Islands of Tahiti comprise 118 islands and atolls spread over an impressive area of water the size of Western Europe. Tahiti lies halfway between Los Angeles, California and Sydney, Australia. Los Angeles is eight hours away. There are two main parts to Tahiti: Tahiti Nui to the north, and Tahiti Iti to the south. Three volcanoes tower over Tahiti Nui including Mount Orohena, the tallest in French Polynesia; Mount Aorai, which has some of the best views in the area; and Le Diadème, which looks like a crown on top of the island. As the economic center of French Polynesia, the capital of Tahiti is Papeete. Your Tahiti vacation will begin and end in Papeete since every flight to Tahiti arrives at Faa'a International Airport. There is something most appealing about Tahiti that makes it different from some of the more secluded island destinations within the region.

What to do in Tahiti

Before boarding your flight to Tahiti, you might be wondering what kinds of activities you’ll be able to do there. Here are just a few ideas of some of the things you can do in Tahiti.

Beaches with Black Sand

Tahiti has black sand beaches that will blow your mind away. One of the best is Papara Beach, on the south coast. Teahupo'o is another worth visiting point - famous for its high surf and stunning beach.

Shop at the Papeete Market

The best market in the South Pacific, Papeete Market is the hub of this already busy small capital. While you enjoy a coconut and live music, explore the two-story covered market. Everything from fresh fish to fresh vanilla can be found here - and you might be lucky to stumble upon a family that sells sugarcane juice!

Flights to Tahiti

Planning your flight to Tahiti

May and October are the best times for flights to Tahiti. Though Tahiti's winter months are mild, the humidity is lower. Winter in Tahiti brings less rain and warmer temperatures, while summer - November through April - will be hot and humid. For first-time visitors, the best place to stay is Papeete. It has everything you need, shops, restaurants, a marina, and markets. In Papeete there are fewer beaches, however there is a ferry terminal so you can easily reach other parts of the island area. There are many tourists who stay in Papeete and then travel around the island. Papeete hotels sell out fast so book in advance to get a good deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What airport serves French bee for travel to Tahiti?

French bee planes land at Tahiti Airport (PPT).

How long is the flight to Tahiti?

The length of the flight to Tahiti depends on the departure city and any layovers. From Los Angeles, the flight takes approximately 8 hours nonstop. From Paris, the flight takes approximately 16 hours nonstop.

What is the best time of year to fly to Tahiti?

The best time of year to fly to Tahiti depends on your preferences and what you would like to experience during your trip. Tahiti has a tropical climate with warm temperatures throughout the year, so any time can be a good time to visit. However, the dry season from May to October is considered the best time to visit, with less humidity and rainfall. The wet season from November to April has a higher chance of rain and tropical storms.