Best times to visit Paris

With French Bee’s affordable airfare for flights to Paris, there has never been a better time than now to plan that trip to Paris that you’ve always dreamed of. However, to make the most of your stay in Paris, you need to plan your trip at the right season. Read on to learn more about the weather in Paris.

Weather in Paris overview

While they are the best times to visit Paris, summer and fall have their ups and downs. The weather is almost perfect from June to August. The highs are in the 70s and sunny days are abundant. Summer is the most expensive and crowded time. Visit in the fall for cheaper rates and shorter lines at attractions. The fall colors are breathtaking, though the city's spring blooms are famous too. The best time to visit Paris is in the winter if you want a travel deal. Paris is one of the world's most visited cities, so there will always be tourists and crowds no matter when you visit.

Best times to visit Paris


Summertime has high temperatures, with the average temperature in the 70s. This makes it a joy to stroll through the neighborhoods while enjoying your cafe outside. These are the best times to visit Paris, so room rates and flights prices go up. Summer offers more activities than any other time of the year. Summer offers free outdoor movies and free concerts. A man-made beach has been created along the Seine for sunbathers. Although you will have more sunshine in the summer than during the winter, it is still important to bring an umbrella because July is the rainiest month of the year. Don’t miss out on: Fete de St-Denis (June); Festival of Music (June) ; Tour de France (July) ; Bastille Day (July).


Fall is one of the best times to visit Paris if you want to avoid crowds but still enjoy beautiful weather. Highs in Paris are usually in the upper 60s from September to October. Then, it drops down to the lower 60s most often during October. Lows range between the low 50s or 40s. The beautiful foliage and shorter lines at top attractions will be a benefit to travelers. Remember that hotel rooms are more difficult to find during Paris Fashion Week (which typically occurs in the last week of September). Don’t miss out on: Paris Fashion Week (September) ; Paris Autumn Festival (September-December) ; Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe (October) ; Armistice Day (November).


Paris' low season experiences temperatures between 40 and 30 degrees. Travelers may only see 50-degree days during November. At this time of the year, heavy but chic coats are required. This is the best time to visit Paris, if you want to save quite some money on your hotel and flights if you bravely face the cold. Paris is not known for its snowy winters. However, there is a lot of rain in December. You can avoid rain by visiting Paris in February, which has low precipitation. Paris Fashion Week is the last week in February, so hotel rooms will be scarce during this period. Don’t miss out on: The Nautic Paris Boat Show (December); New Year’s Eve (December); Paris Fashion Week (February-March).


Spring is Paris' shoulder season. This is the best time to visit Paris for travelers because you can get slight discounts on hotel rooms. The temperatures range from 40 to 60 degrees, with afternoon rain showers more common in May and later. Although it may be colder than usual until May, tourists will be rewarded by the beautiful spring flowers that bloom in Paris' parks. April in Paris is unforgettable! Don’t miss out on: Foire du Trone (March) ; International Marathon of Paris (April); VE Day (May) ; French Open Tennis Championship (May-June).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some travel tips for visiting Paris in March to experience the City of Lights with fewer crowds?

March is a great time to visit Paris as the city experiences fewer crowds compared to peak tourist months. Take advantage of this quieter period to explore popular attractions like the Eiffel Tower and museums with shorter wait times. Additionally, consider booking accommodations in advance to take advantage of lower hotel prices and enjoy a more relaxed stay in the City of Light.

Is August a good time to visit Paris considering the popularity of the City of Light during the summer months?

August can be a mixed bag for visiting Paris. While it's a popular time for tourists due to summer vacations, many locals also go on holiday during this month, leading to some businesses and restaurants being closed. However, August can still be a great time to visit if you're prepared for crowds and willing to explore lesser-known areas of the city. Additionally, you can enjoy outdoor activities and events like the Paris Jazz Festival during this time.

What are some popular places to visit in Paris during the months of March and June when the weather is typically pleasant?

During March and June, when the weather in Paris is usually mild and pleasant, there are plenty of popular places to visit. Take a leisurely stroll along the Seine River to admire iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral. Explore the charming streets of Montmartre and visit the Sacré-Cœur Basilica for breathtaking views of the city. Don't miss the opportunity to wander through the beautiful gardens of the Luxembourg Palace or attend cultural events like the Paris Jazz Festival for a memorable experience in the City of Light.